​Q: Who are the City’s elected officials?
A: Elected Officials

Q: What are your hours of Operation?
A: Monday – Friday 8am-4:00pm

Q: Who do I contact when there is a water line break after normal business hours?
A: Contact the Water Treatment Plant at (606) 286-2618.

Q: When is the regular monthly council meeting?
A: Third Tuesday of each month. 6:00pm at the Senior/Community Center.

Q: How can I contact the Mayor?
A: Call (606) 286-5532 x103

Q: How can I contact Time Warner Cable?
A: Call 1-866-725-0919

Q: What members are on each board/committee and how can I contact them?
A: Boards & Commissions

Q: When is the Building Inspector available?
A: Call 606-255-00148 for Taylor Duncan

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